How to Get the Most Out of Your Fiber Internet Connection

Access to high speed internet broadens the capabilities of your home and what you can do in it. With Fiber Internet, homeowners have the opportunity to utilize new technologies and enhance the comfort and convenience of their homes.



For many who live in rural areas, having slow internet speeds is paired with having a poor cellular connection. Cell signal that is blocked by hills, valleys, and tree coverage often results in unreceived and dropped calls, which can be incredibly frustrating. This issue can be solved by enabling Wi-Fi calling in homes that have fiber internet capabilities.

Wi-Fi calling can be utilized on most smartphones, both Apple and Androids. This type of calling utilizes high speed internet connections, allowing individuals to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi networks. With Fiber internet, which is fast and dependable, homeowners can use their Wi-Fi signal for calling. Another benefit of Wi-Fi calling is that the call is still placed under your phone number, so the person that you’re calling will recognize your number.

According to Verizon, Wi-Fi calling uses about 1 MB/minute, while a 1- minute video call uses about 6-8 MB of data. Since Orange County Fiber has no data limits, as members pay for speed not data usage, Wi-Fi calling should be capable on even the smallest plan offered (50/50 MBPS). Verizon also states on their page that Wi-Fi calling “is available at no extra charge and is included in your existing monthly voice plan” for US numbers, not international calls, however. Check with your phone carrier to learn their customer policy for Wi-Fi calling.



Homeowners can also take advantage of Fiber internet speed for wireless cameras. Setting up cameras on the interior and exterior of your home can increase security as well as evoke peace of mind. Wireless surveillance cameras are most often battery-powered and can be placed anywhere in your home. These devices connect to your Wi-Fi system and use the signal to transmit their video feeds to you. The surveillance videos that are recorded can be viewed from your phone, tablet or laptop through an app. This service is great for monitoring family members or pets while you’re away. The cameras can also record crimes and notify you of a home invasion.

Orange County Security, brought to you by Orange County REMC, offers both indoor and outdoor Honeywell cameras. Cameras are often installed on patios and front porches, facing doorways, and inside garages. Motion detecting cameras notify the homeowner when movement occurs, and allows footage to be saved. To learn more about cameras offered by Orange County Security, please call (812) 865-2229.



Fiber connection in homes also means that smart home technology can be enabled. In a traditional home, controls are isolated to their systems. Light switches control lights, the thermostat controls temperature, the garage remote controls the garage door, etc. With dependable internet, home systems can be interconnected and controlled all from one device. According to BlueSpeed AV, a technology company, in an automated home, “your home’s lights, audio speakers, TVs, security cameras, locks, appliances, and more are all connected into a common system, which can be controlled from your smart phone or through a mobile touch screen device.”

Installing smart, wireless devices in your home can increase your convenience and comfort, all while making your home more efficient. Programmable thermostats can be set according to your schedule, allowing your air conditioning or heating to use less power when you’re away, and resetting the temperature back to a comfortable level by the time you return home. Motorized shades on windows can close during summer days, keeping out the sun’s heat and giving your air conditioner a break. Also, in an automated home, lights can be turned off right from your device, from wherever you are. Leaving bulbs on all day, running up your energy bill, would be a problem of the past.

Smart appliances and devices are also able to be personalized to better meet your needs. By remembering your preferred settings and functions, device and appliance interfaces can be simplified.


Home automation can also enhance the dynamics of security systems. In an interconnected home, monitors, cameras, and alarms can all be controlled from a central panel and/or and app. Orange County Security offers the Lyric Home Security System, with a family of devices all able to be connected to Wi-Fi and controlled from a sleek control panel as well as from an easy-to-use app.



With high speed internet, having an expensive television plan is no longer necessary. Streaming allows you to watch movies and television shows that you actually want to see, instead of paying for channels that you don’t use. There are many streaming sites available, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and numerous others. Choosing from these options depends on your own viewing habits and the amount that you’re willing to spend a month.


Fiber internet allows for more choices and conveniences for its users. Orange County Fiber is proud to be providing this service to the Orange County REMC service area.

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