Five Reasons to Install a Security System – Besides Home Security

People who are considering installing a home security system often do so on the premise of keeping their family and home safe, and that’s a pretty solid reason to get a security system. In a 2016 survey commissioned by the Indiana State government, 17% of respondents (that were representative of Indiana’s population in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity) reported that they were victims of Property Crime. Crimes included in this category were residential burglaries, theft from property outside of the home, motor vehicle theft, and vandalism.

This survey included all of Indiana though, including big cities. If you live in a safe neighborhood or rural area, or just don’t consider the service worth the installation and monthly monitoring cost, then you might be interested to learn that home security systems do much more than just secure your home.

First, the main purpose of security systems is to keep your home secure, and the systems do that in two ways – by deterring thefts and by alerting homeowners and the authorities of ongoing home invasions. According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, homes without a security system are “300% more likely to be burglarized.” Cameras, security signs, and alarms can ward off a potential thief or vandal before the crime is even committed. If the presence of the security system does not deter criminals, law enforcement officials are able to be notified when the crime occurs and either stop the perpetrator or use security footage to find them.

Orange County Security offers all of the equipment needed to keep your home safe. From cameras, to motion detectors, to window and door sensors, your home will be protected even if you’re not there.

This equipment comes with many more uses than just security. Households who take advantage of their security systems can lower their electric bills, watch kids and pets when they are home alone, possibly get lower insurance premiums, and much more.

  1. Protection against property crimes is one thing, but protection against the elements and home disaster is important too! Installing different sensors in your home can allow your family time to get to safety and to call the authorities in the case of an emergency. Orange County Security offers the Lyric home system, which includes the options of interconnected sensors to keep your home and family safe. Along with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and door/window sensors, homeowners can also install motion sensors that can be programmed not be set off by pets under certain weight limits, glass-break detectors. Water sensors are also available. When placed on the floor of bathrooms and near hot water heaters, you can be aware of a water leak before your home gets damaged.Lyric-Family_hi
  2. Cameras are another asset that can be utilized for functions other than just security. Monitor your kids while you’re at work, check on elderly family members, or make sure that pets are behaving. With Wi-Fi connected cameras, you can check your cameras right from your phone or computer, wherever you are. Cameras also give you the ability to know weather conditions when you’re not at home (source). Orange County Security offers both indoor and outdoor cameras that can be integrated into your security system.
  3. Households can also benefit from home automation. Interconnected security systems, like the Lyric System offered by Orange County Security, can be used to make homes more convenient and efficient. Lyric Gateway is a device that enables the home owner to operate security, garage doors, locks, lights, thermostats and more all from either the control panel provided, or from the owner’s own mobile device. The connecting of all of these controls is available over cellular data and Wi-Fi, allowing the homeowner to regulate their house even when they’re away from it.
  4. Security systems can lower your electric bill. Besides just the governing of lights, door locks, and cameras, home automation creates a more efficient home. As the system allows for the programming of thermostats and lighting, a Honeywell System can also save homeowners money on their energy and utility bills. By programming the system, all of the lights can be turned off and the thermostat can adjust itself to a more economical setting when a person is leaving their house for the day. Not only does this save on bills, but the installation of this type of system also adds value to the home should it ever be sold.
  5. Some insurance companies offer lower premiums for customers who have home security systems. Check with your homeowners insurance provider to see what discounts they offer.

Home security systems can do so much more than just keep your home and family safe. Orange County Security, brought to you by Orange County REMC, can help you make your home more safe, efficient, and comfortable. To experience security, automation, energy savings and convenience in one economical system, visit Orange County REMC’s website or call (812) 865-2229 local or 888-337-5900 toll free to discuss the packages Orange County REMC Security offers and to learn which is the best option for protecting your family and home.

Also, check out this article to learn about all the features a Lyric system offers.

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