Cyber Security How to secure your home wireless network from hackers

As more and more devices connect to the internet, they can become an access point to hack into your home network.

Protecting your family with connected devices can be accomplished by securing your wireless internet connection. Here are some things that should be done for all Wi-Fi connections.

Secure your Wi-Fi network

Be sure your network has WPA2 enabled. When enabled, WPA2 requires a password be used to connect to your home network. You make this change by connecting your router to a computer. Once enabled, online activities from wireless devices will be encrypted.

Update your admin password

Change the default administrator password used to access the internet. Often this is accomplished through the router itself. Be sure the password used is unique and can be remembered. Passphrases can help you remember the password. For example: “Where is my third coffee in the AM?”

Keep software up-to-date

Hacks can happen to anything connected to your Wi-Fi. That is why it is important to keep the software (operating systems and apps) updated on devices including: cellphones, computers, tablets and streaming devices. If you need help making these changes to your wireless network, contact your internet service provider and read the documentation that came with your router.



Source: SANS Security Awareness


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