Cyber Security: Three ways to keep your mobile device secure

If you use your cellphone to shop, access your bank account, or pay bills you might benefit from securing sensitive personal information.

A major security risk a mobile device has is if it is lost and someone gains access to the information on it. To avoid issues if you lose a device, be sure you are using a locked home screen that requires a password, thumb print or iris scan to access the device.

Keep software up-to-date

Making sure your operating system and apps are up-to-date is important as developers often add increased security through updates. Attackers look for weaknesses in software and these updates provide patches to keep your information safe.

Be able to track your device

There are apps for iPhone and Android devices that allow you to track a devices’ location if lost or stolen. Once set up properly, and if the device is still powered on, you can access information about its location within a certain range. If you access an app from another internet connected device, some apps allow you to lock or erase information on your phone.

Set privacy options

When you install a new app be sure to review the privacy options. Determine what it is asking permission to access such as your camera, contacts or current location. If you don’t like what it is asking, find a different app that meets your needs.


Source: SANS Security Awareness


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