The Business of Energy Savings: How Commercial Rebates Can Save Your Business Money

You don’t have to go to business school to know that it’s important to keep costs low when running a commercial operation. One of the quickest ways to see savings in monthly energy bills is to invest in energy-efficient equipment and appliances. While energy-efficient lighting and machines use less electricity to run and can last years longer than their traditional counterparts, they sometimes come with higher upfront-purchase prices. A higher price tag may be hard to justify when an owner is watching the business’s bottom line. Due to rebates through Hoosier Energy, businesses don’t have to go through the purchase alone.023_bz_lr_rgb_tse.jpg

Buying rebated LED bulbs and water heaters through a cooperative isn’t new to residential members, however many businesses aren’t aware that they qualify for the same types of discounts, but on an industrial level through Hoosier Energy’s Commercial & Industrial Program (C&I). These rebates and incentives apply to the purchase and installation of energy-efficient lighting, HVAC equipment, energy-efficient motor equipment, compressed air systems, and any energy-efficient upgrade that may be applicable for a custom program.

Hoosier Energy, Orange County REMC’s energy provider, saved 17,356 MWh by reducing energy usage in 2017, providing approximately $1.3 million in incentives to help businesses switch to more efficient systems. The C&I Program also assists commercial members in managing their costs through the use of simple, inexpensive control systems. For example, the installation of lighting sensors can reduce electric usage by up to 50 percent when an area is not in use. Better lighting also provides a more comfortable and safer environment for employees. Customers may also find the space more attractive and appealing.

When businesses switch to energy-efficient equipment, not only are they lowering their electric bills with their decreased energy usage, but they are also helping to keep prices low for everyone. With lower demand for electricity, the need for expensive construction to expand the energy-providers’ power plants can be delayed, keeping rates low for all members. To learn more information about how your business can start cutting costs each month, visit or contact Orange County REMC with any questions you might have.


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