Home Security and Beyond

Home security systems that only alerted home owners when a house was broken into are a thing of the past. As technology becomes more advanced, people are starting to expect more from their homes. This change has occurred in two directions: first, alarm systems have become more dynamic when it comes to protecting a home on multiple fronts, and second, alarm systems have been linked to the automation of a home. Orange County REMC recognizes these changes in the market of security systems, and now offers a Honeywell System through Orange County REMC Security that includes both of these evolutions.


The safety of the home is one of the main developments. Previous efforts to keep a home safe arrived in the form of several, separate alarms that all had different functions. Smoke detectors were a separate entity from the carbon monoxide detectors, and if a person had an alarm system installed, it wouldn’t be connected to either of them. The Honeywell Home Security System includes all of the needed devices and alarms, and they communicate with a control panel that allows a home owner to view the problem and respond accordingly.

The Honeywell System connects them through Lyric, the wireless collection of devices that includes smoke detectors, door/window sensors, motion detectors that can be adjusted for pet sensitivity, and glass-break detectors. When one detector sounds, all of the alarms go off, ensuring the whole household will be aware in the case of an emergency. The system will contact the police if the monitoring company cannot reach the customer. From the controller itself, a customer can contact the police, medical personnel, or the fire department.

Lifestyle; Honeywell Lyric™

All of the alarms and alerts can be monitored on a Lyric Controller, a display screen that allows each homeowner to access not only the alarms and emergency alerts (such as potentially high carbon monoxide levels and an alarm when tornado warnings are issued), but also the multitude of other services that modern security systems allow.


These services are directed towards the automation of a home. The Lyric Controller includes access to many features that allow a house to become more owner-friendly as well as more economical.

Lyric Gateway is a device that enables the home owner to operate security, garage doors, locks, lights, thermostats and more all from either the control panel provided, or from the owner’s own mobile device. The connecting of all of these controls is available over cellular data and Wi-Fi, allowing the homeowner to regulate their house even when they’re away from it.

Lyric also includes an app that allows for the same level of controls to be had with any smartphone. Alerts originating from the alarms can be sent over text, email, and video alerts for homeowners with cameras installed (which Honeywell also offers).Lyric-Family_hi

Besides just the governing of lights, door locks, and cameras, home automation creates a more efficient home. As the system allows for the programming of thermostats and lighting, a Honeywell System can also save homeowners money on their energy and utility bills. By programming the system, all of the lights can be turned off and the thermostat can adjust itself to a more economical setting when a person is leaving their house for the day. Not only does this save on bills, but the installation of this type of system also adds value to the home should it ever be sold.

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Home security has changed throughout the years to not only keep people safe, but to also keep them comfortable. To experience security, automation, energy savings and convenience in one economical system, visit Orange County REMC’s website or call (812) 865-2229 local or 888-337-5900 toll free to discuss the packages Orange County REMC Security offers and to learn which is the best option for protecting your family and home.



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