Making Bills Easier to Digest, and Pay

Households are used to seeing seasonal fluctuations in their electricity bill, but just because people are accustomed to these higher bills in the winter and summer doesn’t make the bills any easier to pay. Orange County REMC has many different methods to combat the dreaded influx.  These methods are easy to sign up for, and will make the entire bill paying process easier, from the amount that is owed to the actual payment process.

Budget Billing_ High Usage Accounts_ Email Version

The first program that Orange County REMC offers to its members is the Variable Budget Billing Method. Each bill is calculated by taking the average of the last 11 month’s kilowatt hours and the bill fluctuates accordingly as each new month occurs. These slight fluctuations will be much less than the differences that are usually seen by households as the season’s change. Other charges, like the billing of service lights, are simply added onto the total of the averaged kilowatt hours. Unlike other company’s which offer similar billing systems, there is no “settle up” month, so the money that you save by switching to this billing method stays in your bank account.

The next program Orange County REMC offers takes the money straight from your bank account, credit or debit card.  The EZ Power Pay is an automated payment plan that takes on the responsibility of sending in your payment for you. Once signed up, a member continues receiving bills to their home address, however they are marked “Bank Draft-Do Not Pay,” which permits the member to review their bill and contact the REMC if any questions arise before the payment is automatically disbursed. This allows members to not only know what their bill will be, but also allows them to not have to worry about late fees, as the automated system guarantees on-time delivery of the payment.

Both of these services are free. Members can find the forms to sign up for these programs and more on Orange County REMC’s website, and can call (812) 865-2229 or (888) 337-5900 for more information.


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