Tap into savings with a $500 rebate on a high-efficiency water heater

Want to lower power bills? You’ll see a steady stream of savings with our $500 REBATE on an ENERGY STAR® electric heat pump water heater. A four-person household can save about $330 per year on power bills and $3,440 during the lifetime of the water heater!

That’s because a high-efficiency water heater uses significantly less energy than a standard model. And with the rebate and the annual savings, you’ll recoup the cost of your purchase in less than three years. So why not retire that old water heater and replace it with one that will start saving you money today? Your electric cooperative offers this and other rebates and programs that help you reduce energy use, lower power bills and make your home more energy-efficient.

Contact us today to sign up for your rebate or go to Orange County REMC’s website to learn more.

  • Toll Free Number: 1-888-337-5900
  • Office: (812) 865-2229

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